Wayning Moments

Alex Augé + 4

Wayning Moments

Tribute to Wayne Shorter & Miles Davis

Alex Augé + 4

« An agitator of the music scene, Alex Augé is never where we expect him. Guest composer at the « Aujourd’hui Musiques » Festival, enthusiastic performer, inspired saxophonist, band leader and Jam session organizer. »
Jean-Michel Collet, 2019

After a tumultuous career punctuated by the most diverse projects and collaborations, both artistically and educationally, Alex launched his own musical adventure in the spring of 2020, the one he has always been nursing within himself : ALEX AUGÉ + …, project with variable geometries, starting from solo to format « + 9 », passing by the « Alex Augé + 2 » trio , and this « + 4 » formula.

The music goes beyond genres, only defining itself by itself. Fooded by all the influences and experiences of the musician who, as if not to have to choose, offers different versions which make the subject evolve… Unclassifiable in essence, it develops in a lively interaction: the group serves a continually united and contributory sound project. Soloist improvisation is not the nerve center of music as is apparently the case in the world of Jazz. It is the result of the energy created in situ by the musicians from the thematic material, but also (and above all?) from their work on sound.

Artistic Team

Composition, Saxophones, fx : Alex Augé

Drums : Robinson Rouquet

Bass : Gérald Chateauzel

Vocal : Vanessa Hidden

Guitar : Gary Haguenauer

The compositions are assembled into thematic suites, such as FEMEN SUITE, a musical suite in 4 parts denouncing violence against women :

The group also offers tributes to great figures in the history of Jazz, Alex’s musical heroes, by offering personal rereadings adapted to the « + 4 » format, including original lyrics.

——— Tribute to Miles Davis : « kind of Kind of Blue » ———

——— Tribute to Wayne Shorter : « Wayning moments » ———

Other theme covered are :
• the relationship to the time TIME REBOUNDS SUITE, presented here in the « + 6 » format
• the relationship to the ego and individualism SOLIPIES, here as a solo collection