The Divas Giant dolls

Of the Company Transe Express

Urban Opera – Tree giant dolls wearing hudge crinoline dresses slide through the crowd. Like old dolls out of an ancient toy box, they enchant the audience with their repertoire mixing original creations, popular songs and great lyrical airs.

The Divas Giant Dolls and the Drums

The Divas Giant Dolls and the Drums
After a warm christmas 2019 at the Siam Center in Bangkok, the Divas Giant dolls & the drums continue their adventures in 2021 on the roads of France and Europe.Come and find again the opera at the heart of the city with the Transe Express company.

Remember, a Piccadilly Circus transformed into a… circus, three lyric singers, the giant dolls invade the streets during the London Festival, together with the famous drums of the Transe Express. It was in 2012 and since then the Divas travel : chinese new year in Hong Kong, St Patrick’s day in Dublin, the Galway International Arts Festival, the Foire de Paris, the festival of Deventer (the Netherlands), the Riga City Festival (Latvia), Marrakech (Marocco), Bucarest (Roumania), Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Norwich (England), Zaragoza (Spain), Anvers (Belgium), Rome (Italy), Versailles, Nancy, Cergy, Suresnes, Deauville, Saint Raphaël, Caen, Vitry (France) …

Films made and edited by Arnaud Bringer