Electro Jazz songs

At Sunside Paris on September 13
At Carcassonne Festival on August 10
At Nantes on June 15

The unexpected encounter of borderless musical styles and poetry to go with the flow of “Cascades” a trio performing electro jazz songs.
Three artists mix their artistic universes on the lyrics and music of Vanessa Hidden.

“Vanessa is a singer, songwriter and songwriter who has performed all over the world. Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Michel Legrand looked at the cradle of Cascades. His finely chiseled texts in French lead us into a dreamlike universe, vocalizations rub shoulders with jazz fusion, giving free rein to the improvisational qualities of the musicians.”

Armelle Cozic

Sand in the wind… the voice of the bewitching Vanessa Hidden, summons our hearts, capsizes our states of mind… Floats in her Cascades the rhythm of her poetry between the breath of a November night and the ode to the women Sister… She sings I’m coming and we can’t wait to open this door to listen to her. Run there!

Patricia Padovani

Their influences: french song, improvised jazz music, Afro-Latin percussion, lyrical voice and electro hues.

Discover soon the waves of Cascades

Press Review

Graphic design Armelle Cozic

Cascades is Selection 2021: « one summer / 100 shows for the Aude Department» with the support of the Aude Department in collaboration with Arts Vivants 11 (department agency for performing art)

Artistic team

Vanessa Hidden, voice
Rémi Ploton, Keyboard/machines
Nazim Aliouche, percussions/guitar

Recording and mix

Studio 4 vents Narbonne, France, Guilhem Verger


Cochise Studio Nashville, Cochise Genet


Jef Castaing – Fanchette et Papillon

Graphic design and Cover picture

Laure Bagnol

Translation into sign language*

Bertille Charlot *on the song Pigeon

Video and Clip directors


Stéphane Ly-Cuong


Live Sunside #1
Live Sunside #2
Live Sunside #3
Teaser 0’53 Made by Hachel
Teaser 4’07 Made by Hachel
Clip Made by Stéphane Ly-Cuong