Singing performance for solo voice

A contemporary art exhibition carrying the concept of “Résonance” (Resonance).

The artists dialog together and exhibit their resonances: wood sculpture, paintings and numerical artworks, vocal creations, calligraphies, poems and drawings.

In this creation, Vanessa Hidden addresses the themes of the myth of Nausicaa, the dance of reality, human relationships between mother and child, beauty and the beast, siblings, the relationship of woman to her womb and its body.

In this research around the idea of Resonances, Vanessa offers a sung performance for solo voice a cappella.

His vocal creations are composed in French.

Photos © Hachel


Claude Espada, wood carving / Hachel, digital painting / Jean Jacques Grand, calligraphy and ink / Vanessa Hidden, Voice creation – lyrics and music / Philippe Lemoine, Poetry