DNA Vertical Odyssey The Transe Express Company

DNA Vertical Odyssey

Of the Company Transe Express

Creation 2025

DNA, Vertical Odyssey 
Let's imagine the progressive deployment, from the ground, of an inhabited structure 40 meters high, like a dizzying link to the sky. It is a question, not of an aerial mobile which evolves above the public, but of a mobile architecture refined in its aesthetic and offering its intrinsic vertical perspective. The imagination of an excessive verticality is nourished by myths and universal legends which transcribe the great upheavals in the history of humanity, the need for evolution or the desire for elevation: the Tower of Babel, Jacob's ladder, Noah's Ark and other monumental constructions.Take height, reaching the summit, flying, no longer touching the ground, building ever higher, this is a human concern that takes us between poetry and philosophy. DNA is this journey where humans are measured by vertigo.

DNA, Vertical Odyssey